When Can I Stop Using Anti Colic Bottles? ||Here’s A Complete Guide on Colic and Anti-Colic Bottle

Being new parents brings unlimited joy and happiness. And, no parents want their newborn to be diseased. Unfortunately, some diseases happen with the newborn that can take all the joy and happiness away from the new parents. And, the colic is one of those diseases.

You’re reading my article means you’re having your baby with a colicky problem. But, it’s not that scary disease that you cannot recover from. I’m here to help you get all the possible solutions to overcome your problem with ease.

However, parents often rely on the easiest solution that’s an anti-colic bottle for their colicky baby. In that case, you must know what anti-colic bottles are, and the right time to start using anti-colic bottles.

Also, you should ask yourself when can I stop using anti colic bottles? Knowing the proper use of an anti-colic bottle will be a good thing for you and your baby. Let’s know more-

What is Colic in Babies and Baby Colic Causes and Symptoms

It’s upsetting if your baby keeps crying non-stop and this is what exactly colic means. Your baby is having colic if s/he cries continuously. But the good news is that s/he will be alright by his 6 months old.

However, you won’t be frustrated or exhausted anymore right after getting my trusted guidance. So, you’re gonna get good relief from your everyday stress today. Read on!

baby crying for colic

Causes of Colic in Babies

Although there are no such specific causes for colic, you can focus on the given factors. It might help you and your baby to get rid of this suffocating situation. Here are some of the major issues that cause colic in babies. Exploring these causes will help you overcome the colic of your baby.

Stomach Cramp

Some of the specialists found colic is the reason for a baby’s stomach cramping while your baby feels trouble digesting food. Also, it could happen due to a wrong food chart for him. In that case, make your baby’s food chart according to a specialist.

Baby Hunger

Another big reason behind colic can be baby hunger. Kids are kids and they cannot share when and why they’re not alright. As a result, they become upset while hungry. And, if this happens frequently with your baby, he will be having the symptom of colic.

Strong Wind

You must notice if there is strong wind around. Babies cannot adjust to strong wind and if they stay in that situation day after day, they will have colic.


The temperature of your house is another important issue while having a newborn in your house. Infants cannot tolerate extreme cold or hot temperatures.

Symptoms of Colic in Babies

If you observe your baby crying for more than 3 hours a day, your baby might be suffering from colic. And, crying non-stop is the only symptom of this disease.

Symptoms of Colic in Babies

Red Face

Again, if you see your baby’s face looking red means it will let him cry and create colic afterward.

Arched Back

If your baby arches his back, you have to understand he is suffering from colic.

Keep their Knees Up

Colicky babies often keep their knees up even up to their belly. If it happens to your baby as well, there’s something like colic.

Rumbled Tummy

Another significant symptom to understand whether or not your baby has colic is to check his tummy. If his tummy keeps rumbling, he has colic.

There's no more specific symptom that the specialist could reveal yet. The specialists don't suggest the parents see a doctor for their baby's colic. But, I recommend you consult with a doctor to get proper support.

How to Cure Colic in Babies

You won’t get any specific cures for your colicky baby. But, I’ve researched some of the best ways that can help you get rid of this troubling disease. Let’s reveal –

How to Cure Colic in Babies

Let Your Baby Sit Straight

Take your baby on your lap so that his position can be straight sitting.  Here’s how an anti-colic bottle comes in handy. Use an anti-colic bottle so that there’s no more wind pocket in the bottle design.


Burping can be another solid way to try removing your baby’s colic.

Feed Your Baby at Right Time

You should ensure your baby isn’t hungry for a long time because long-time hunger is one of the causes of colic. So, feed your baby at right time always. If you’re confused about when is your infant hungry, click here to know.


Cuddling while the newborn cries is a fantastic way to help a colicky baby. You can try it while your baby cries non-stop.


Take your little one on your shoulder and keep rocking him gently. It is one of the common ways for a colicky baby to be consoled.

Make Sure of a Mild Room Temperature

The room temperature of your baby should be mild which means not too hot or cold. If the cause is temperature, your baby will get easily relieved. Make your baby’s room more comfy for him or her.


If you think it causes due to the hot temperature, take your baby a quick bath. It will work fine I hope.

What is Anti colic Bottles?

Normally, babies have some extra air while having liquid through the bottle. And, it is one of the reasons for colic in your baby. So, an anti-colic bottle works fine to feed your baby air-free.

While you see a baby bottle is leveled anti-colic means it has got the design to relieve colic symptoms and gas. So, this bottle can help you prevent the air while feeding your baby.

As a result, the little one will be free of gas bubbles in his stomach and also overfeeding.

Anti colic Bottle

Features of Anti-Colic Bottle

You can recognize an anti-colic bottle if find the following features available-

  • Several options for teat flow to make sure the right flow speed
  • Exclusive teat design
  • Angled shaped design
  • Anti-colic valve system
  • Vent system available on the bottle

So, features are the ways how you can make difference between anti-colic bottles vs regular bottles. Anti-colic bottles come in all the mentioned features that a regular bottle won’t. So, a regular bottle won’t provide you the benefits that an anti-colic bottle can.

Features of Anti-Colic Bottle

When to Stop Using Anti Colic Bottles

Undoubtedly, an Anti-Colic bottle is the perfect gear for a baby to prevent this colic problem. But, everything has its proper use to get a good result. In that sense, the anti-colic bottle also comes with a use limitation. You shouldn’t use such a bottle after a specific time.

Now the question is when you can start using this bottle? And, when can you stop using it? Well, you can start using an anti-colic bottle for your newborn when he is 2 weeks.

However, 6 months is the right time to stop using the anti-colic bottle for colicky babies. The colic disease turns ends on its own when your baby will be 6 months old. So, you don’t need to use it while your baby reaches 6 months of age.

But, some of the parents stop using it right after their baby become 3 months. I recommend you to use such a bottle up to your baby’s 6 months old. This time duration will help you get a good result.

baby with Anti Colic Bottles handle


If your baby passes the maximum of his time crying means something wrong with him. At that time you must think of colic the most common disease for infants. So, if you understand your baby is getting into colic, don’t take the stress anymore. Get an easy and available solution with an anti-colic bottle. It is one of the best ways to lessen the colic symptoms. But, if you’re confused like when can I stop using an anti colic bottle, my article will be a useful guideline. All the best to you and your baby.

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