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Being a new parent isn’t that easy because of your baby’s safeguarding concerns. Besides, it creates many more issues like your baby’s room odor. Babies are mysterious and you never know when they do their poop or pee. Considering all those facts, new parents become confused how to keep baby’s room smelling fresh.

If you too are in that group, this article will be a handy guide for you. Here you’ll get the 10 best ways to remove odors and keep your baby’s room smelling fresh. Also, you can reveal the causes and effects of odor in your baby’s room which will help you be aware of unexpected disease for your baby.

So, keep going through my article if you want baby’s room well smelled and germ-free all the time.

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Why does Baby’s Room Get Odor?

A number of reasons can be pointed out for your baby’s room getting bad smelled.  I’m going to share some of the top causes but, not all these causes will be your concern. Recognize which one is your concern to focus on, if the baby’s room smells musty-

Keeping the Baby’s Dirty Laundry Unwashed

It is one of the most common reasons to get odor in baby’s room if you keep his clothes unwashed for a long time. Cloths wear means- baby blankets, baby crib sheets, baby towels, etc.

Bad odor comes also from your baby’s poopy diaper. That’s why you’ve to be careful about the newborn diaper and their dirty diaper smell. It is because the stinky diaper smell can hamper your baby’s smelling development.

The dirty laundry spread a bad smell around so fast. Also, it creates bacteria and other harmful germs that aren’t good at all for your baby.

Besides, if you keep the baby toys and other baby items unwashed, the baby’s room will smell bad. Also, if your baby powder doesn’t carry a good smell, your baby smells bad sometimes as well.

Dirty Laundry Unwashed

Using the Same Cloth-Wear

Maximum parents use the same cloth-wear from morning to night. And, it is a big issue towards odor in your baby’s room. So, you’ve to change their remaining clothes at least once a day even if they are not wet or dirty. Remember, you shouldn’t use those same clothes before you wash them.

Unclean Bed Sheets

If you don’t clean your baby’s bed sheets often enough, it will make the room smelliest. Not only will that, using dirty bed sheets cause various skin diseases.

Therefore, the health specialists suggest washing the baby’s bed sheet at least once a week. It will keep your baby safe from viruses, bacteria, and all those dangerous diseases.

Wet Carpets and Bedding        

Carpets and bedding in your baby’s room can be wet for many reasons. If your baby pee or poop on them, again maybe you left some drops of water. And, these tiny pieces of incidents can make the carpet odor.

But, you might not notice always when and how the carpet or bedding gets wet. Here again, if the carpets or bedding get wet, the room will smell bad.

At this point, you’ve to dry the carpet and bedding regularly in the sunlight. The sunlight will kill the germs and bacteria and also remove the odor.

Dirty Floor

A dirty floor is another common reason in terms of bad smell in the baby’s room. The room will smell dirty if you don’t brush off and sanitize the floor regularly. And, the dirty floor can maximize the health risk for your baby.

Dirty Floor


Dust is the combination of all the gross things like dead skin, insect dropping, dander, etc. So, dust doesn’t just make the room look dirty but it also harms the air quality that makes your baby’s room smell bad.

Sluggish Air

The baby’s room with sluggish air shuts in airborne particles like dust, tobacco smoke, mold spores, etc from clothes. It happens especially during the hot and humid days. So, your baby’s room will stagnantly airy unless there’s proper ventilation available.


If you think the empty box, pot, or drinks won’t make a bad smell, you’re completely wrong. The old drink can, food containers, spills, and stains easily create bacteria even if the containers are empty. And, these bacteria create an odor in the baby’s room. So, it will be a good habit if you avoid bringing food in the room.

How to Keep Baby’s Room Smelling Fresh? 10 Easy Ways

If you certainly want to remove the odor from your baby’s room, it’s important to find out the sources of odor inside the room. And, it will help you remove the odor and get the room smell good afterward.

Well, I’m gonna share some of the significant ways that will help you solve your problem with ease. Here’s how-

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1. Identify the Source of Odor

The first step to removing odor from the room is to identify the source. Unless you can identify where the odor comes from, it will be difficult for you to remove it. Well, I already have mentioned some of the most common sources of odor in the above sections. Here are some more-

  • Potted Plants inside the Room
  • Windowsills
  • Heating Vents
  • Air Conditioning Vents
  • Place Under Furniture
  • Dirty Room Walls, etc.

2. Clean the Baby’s Laundry Basket

Make sure the baby’s laundry basket is clean and there are no more dirty or wet clothes. If there are any clothes that your baby isn’t wearing for a long time, wash them or keep them in the sunlight for hours. It will remove the bad smell and get you freshness.

clean dirty loundry

3. Dust Your Baby’s Room Every day

You must dust your baby’s room every day to keep it clean and germ-free. A dust-free room will not just keep the room smell fresh but will save your kid to be free of dangerous skin diseases.

And, make sure there’s no dust on the ceiling, fan, walls, and furniture.  However, two ways you can dust your baby’s room-

cleaning baby's room
  • Top to Bottom Dusting

You shouldn’t dust the room from bottom to top. If so, it will get you clean again. Because dust will settle back to the surface if you dust from bottom to top. So, dust your room from top to bottom. Also, you’ve to constantly take out the trash.

  • Choose Damp Cloths for Dusting

Use damp cloths while dusting on a hard surface. It will prevent the dust moved into the air and getting an odor to the room.

4. Keep the Floor Surface Clean

Right after finishing your dusting job, you must clean the floor. And, I recommend you sweep the floor every day to make sure your baby’s room smells fresh.

However, to remove the carpet odor, you can use a top-branded carpet cleaner or carpet deodorizer.

5. Air Out the Room

Keep your window open for a certain time a day to air out the room. It will allow the bad smell take away from the room and also bring the fresh air inside.

The outsider air is healthier and fresh for small areas. Also, the air from outside is capable to break the stagnant air and make the room smell good.

6. Wash Your Baby’s Bed Sheets

You’ve known already that washing baby’s bed sheets at least once a week will reduce the bad smell of his room. But, if you want more freshness in your baby’s room, wash them twice a week.

Washing regularly will release the sheets from oil and sweat on your baby’s body. As a result, the room will smell amazingly fresh.

7. Keep Away the Dirty Laundry

If you don’t get time to wash the dirty laundry, you must keep them away from your baby’s room until you wash them. But, try not to keep them unwashed for a long time.

Also, you should dry the laundry basket in the sun once a week. It will not just take you a fresh smell in your baby’s room but will kill the unwanted bacteria and germs.

8. Use a Dehumidifier

A damp room surface produces mold and odor afterward. In this case, you‘ve to remove the moisture from the air of your baby’s room.  If you think that your baby’s room is extremely humid, you can use a dehumidifier also. 

You’ve to spend your money to buy it but it will be a great way to remove moisture from the air and make the room less humid and molded.

Dehumidifier for baby

9. Use an Air Purifier

The air purifier can be another amazing way to get your baby’s room to smell fresh. While the air inside the room becomes dirty, it creates a bad smell. At that time, eliminating that polluted air from the room becomes necessary.

If you see the room doesn’t smell good even after opening the window, use an air purifier. You’ll enjoy smelling fresh and your baby will be in a sterile roomy environment.

10. Odor Absorber Solution

Go for an odor absorber if you don’t get the result you expected. An odor absorber can easily soak up all the possible air particles and make your baby’s room smell fresh.

Besides, you can choose sweat-wicking fabric for your baby. Some fabric is available there on the market that isn’t suitable for your baby’s skin. In that case, you’ve to choose the finest fabrics or fabric softeners that come with sweat-wicking fabric mode.

Using a scented candle will be another attractive option to remove odor from your baby’s room.

Are Good Smells Inevitably Good for My Baby?

First of all, you’ve to make the difference between good and bad. Odor means the smell that makes you disturb and something disturbing is surely not a good sign for anything and anyone.

And the smell, on the other hand, indicates the pleasant fragrance that can make you amazed.

Affects of Odor on Babies

Odors come from natural unplanned sources, for example, flowers, plants, animals, etc. Also, the odor comes from our personal and impersonal substances. However, the odor cannot be a good thing for your baby considering any sides.

You’re getting odor means something going way out of the direction. It can be from dust, wet clothes, spoiled food leftover, etc. So, imagine whether or not those sources are good for your baby.

Odor can cause severe health problems for your baby. Since odor comes from the bad source of our room, it carries viruses, bacteria, and other flu of diseases.

Some chemicals are there available in the odor that causes lung, eye, throat, and nose irritation, dead skin, and sensitive skin problem to your baby.

Also, it can feel your baby a burning sensation that causes breathing problems, wheezing, and coughing, for babies that are so dangerous even to think of.

Effects of Good Smell on babies

There’s no other option than get the baby’s room to smell good and ensure the healthy air quality inside the room. Even if I leave talking about all those diseases, still your baby requires his room to smell fresh and good. Wonder why?

Well, babies keep growing fast and their rapid growth develops their smelling sense every day. In that case, their smelling sense will help them develop their other sense of vision and taste as well. Thus the sense of smell of your baby is an essential part of his development.

So, no argument can arise in the case of the room’s smelling quality of your baby. Try to keep your baby’s room clean and fresh all the time for his self-growth.

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Why does my baby’s room stink?

Well, babies keep pooping and peeing any time that you never can be aware of. So, their bedding and laundry get smelly that you need to put off soon.

If you make late or keep those dirty diapers and bedding in the room for hours, it will spread a bad smell. And, make the room stinky afterward.

Can my baby recognize his dad and my scent? 

Yes, she/he can! Babies can recognize their parent’s scent by the third day right after they are born. It’s an amazing feeling for the new parents.

Why does my baby’s room get more stink during the morning time?

You might not always be able to change your baby’s diaper or sheets while peed or pooped in the night. And, I shared already how dirty diapers or laundry can spread odor so fast if you keep them for hours. So, it is the reason why your baby’s room gets so stink during the morning time.

Can I use vinegar while sweeping the floor to remove the musty odor?

Well, not only on the floor but some other way you can use vinegar to remove the musty smell. Usually, a musty smell comes from upholstery, rugs, laundry, carpets, dirty floors, etc.

So, if you want to remove that odor with ease, the vinegar will be a good assistance in terms of sweeping the floor. Take a half dish of white vinegar and spread it on the floor until the odor goes away.

So, yes, using vinegar will be your right decision for sweeping the floor to remove odor.


A baby’s room isn’t that different from other members’ rooms in a house. But, it’s a serious matter if your baby’s room gets smelliest. You must take action on how to keep baby’s room smelling fresh.

I think it’s now not a big issue while you feel like your baby’s room isn’t smell good or fresh. Following quite a few measurements you can solve this problem hassle-free.

However, I gave all the basic tips to keep your baby’s room hygienic and well-smelled by deodorizing. So, your baby’s room will be safe, germ-free, and smell fresh.  

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