How Many Hooded Towels Does a Baby Need?|| Significance of Hooded Towels for Babies

You might think of only drying off your baby’s wet body while hearing the word baby towel or hooded baby towel. Yet, it comes with a variety of uses that you cannot even imagine. But, you must determine why and how many hooded towels does a baby need a day before you learn the uses of having them.

However, you need towels for your baby to ensure the utmost comfort and safety. Using a hooded towel will bring you some added benefits for sure. A hooded towel can be a great support for your baby’s whole day from wake-up to bed time. 

So, I think this article will be your special assistance if you’re a newly become parent. It is because the new parents often get puzzled about what to do and what’s not regarding their baby’s safeguarding. So, let me help you out of your puzzlement.

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Hooded Towels for Babies

If you’re wondering about the hooded towels, the hooded towels are towels with an attached hood on them. This type of bath towel is designed considering your baby’s sensitive skin and small body structure.

Hooded towels come in multipurpose features, especially for 0-24 months babies. So, while you need to keep your baby warm and dry right after his bath time, the baby hooded towel will be the best gear to make his bath time safer.

Not only your baby will feel comfortable after bath times but more comfortable even during his cuddle time with you.

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Again, the hooded baby bathrobe works 100 on 100 if you want your newborn to be more protected and safe. The hooded towels are featured with soft materials and come in a lightweight design. Therefore, you can choose a hooded towel stress-free for your baby’s delicate skin. 

In addition, using a hooded towel while combing your baby’s hair, rubbing oil or lotion on his body, or changing his diaper will make him cozy as well.  

Why Do You Need Hooded Towels for Your Baby?

Some parents think the regular towels and hooded towels are the same. But, regular towels don’t come with the same features as hooded towels. So, you might understand that hooded towels are more acceptable baby essentials than regular towels.

Here are some of the significant reasons why you should choose a hooded towel over a regular towel-

Perfect Size

Using a regular towel will make you confused to choose the right size. But hooded towels are always available in a standard size that is perfect for any size of the baby.

Hooded Towel perfect size

Fitter for Infants

Babies, less than 2 years will get the hooded towels wonderful. The hooded towels fit tight to your baby and let him dry so fast. It will also assist your baby to avoid the cold moments.

Quick Drying Off

A hooded towel will help you wrap your baby with ease until s/he is drying off after his shower times. As a result, your baby’s body will dry off quickly.

Besides, your baby cannot remove the towel because of its hoody design. So, you don’t have to pay extra attention to wrapping the towel again and again.

Hooded Towel after bath

Soft Materials

Since the hooded towels are specially designed only for babies, you can rely on the towel materials. The materials of hooded towels are featured soft cotton with a lower pile.

The hooded towels don’t come with all those traditional terry materials.  So, these towels are available with a smooth surface that is well suitable for a baby’s flimsy skin.

Utmost Comfort

This type of hooded towel ensures the baby’s body temperature is stable or up. So, your baby won’t shiver in terms of a comfy crib after taking bath in the winter or summer.

Easy Washing Procedure

Washing your baby towels now and then is pretty easy than that regular towels. You can easily wash and clean your baby’s hooded towels due to their exceptional materials.

Take Less Space

Generally, the hooded towels come in quite a small size since they are right for the newborn. So, they will take less space and will offer you satisfaction while tidying your baby laundry basket.

How Many Hooded Towels Does a Baby Need

Hooded towels are essential in most cases but how many hooded towels does a baby need? Well, it completely depends on your baby’s necessity. Not all babies are the same in their pee or poop mode. 

Also, you have to consider the weather temperature of your house. Babies can necessitate wiping their body for several times a day if the temperature is high. Again, it may take 1 time a day based on the cold temperature.

Hooded Towel for baby

So, how many hooded towels your baby need is completely your preference. But, if you ask me to give you an idea, I recommend at least 3 hooded towels. If you want to increase the number to 4 or 5 will be alright.

Normally, you can consider some of the specific factors to determine an exact number of hooded towels your baby requires. These factors are-

  • Weather Temperature
  • Number of Your Baby’s Shower Time
  • Body Wiping or Drying Time
  • Number of Possible Peeing Time
  • The number of Possible Pooping Time, etc.

However, if you can determine the number of hooded towels, you can easily determine how often you’ve to wash them a week.

5 Top Uses of Hooded Towels

The hooded towels don’t just help you use them during your baby’s shower time but for other purposes. Here I’ll share 5 great areas where you can use your hooded towels for your baby.

Perfect Swaddle

If you skip the shower time facts, still you need a hooded towel to wrap your baby for nursing. Wrapping your little one tightly will help him in the right posture while taking nap.

Also, its breathable fabric maintains a standard temperature to help your baby calm down. So, I suggest you keep an additional piece of towel in easy-reach areas so that you get them whenever you need them. But, make sure the towel you use is a clean piece.

Sun Canopy

The most cuteness factor of a hooded towel is that it can work as a sun canopy while taking your babies in the sun. It will provide your baby with a proper respite to be safe from the sun’s rays.

You’ll find it easy to cover up your baby from top to bottom and save his poor skin. Therefore, you’ll be stress-free while moving around the sea beach or some other sunny place like a park.


To enhance your baby’s privacy, the hooded towel works fine. Wonder how? Suppose you’re in crowed and need to change your baby’s diaper.

In that case, a hooded towel will allow you to cover your baby easily and fast. So, it will be all right if there’s no changing room. so, you can easily take the privacy factor into consideration in terms of the hooded bath towel. 


You can use a hooded towel as a pillow while outside like a park, or beach. Staying in such roaming areas, you need not carry a pillow with you. Rather use your remaining hooded towel as a pillow. Just fold it and keep it under your baby’s head. It will work awesome.


The Hooded towels come in the feature of a great gift for the new parents. Also, it will be the most useful and inexpensive item to purchase in your budget.

If you want to gift an outstanding baby shower gift to your colleagues, friends, or relatives, hooded towels are beyond question.

Also, you can pair a hooded towel with other useful baby items like washcloths, newborn bath bombs, bathtub, etc. So, it will offer a delightful feel to those who give and receive the gift.

Hooded Towel for gift

How to Choose the Best Hooded Towels

Buying a hooded towel is not the only thing that can offer you the best products. If it’s your first time purchasing hooded towels for your baby, here is a guide to help you choose the right one.

There are always some mandatory factors that you should consider before you buy the hooded towels for your baby.

And, if you can ensure these factors, you can choose the perfect wear for your infants. Let’s see what these factors are-

High Absorbency Rate

An absorbency rate of a hooded towel should be your priority to check out. And, to get it well, look at the towel’s level. The level of a towel can tell you which material this towel is made of.

In this case, choose the pure cotton material because cotton comes with a high absorbency rate. Again, you can choose the terry cloth with at least 20 terry blend materials. It is because the terry velour materials are also ready to offer your high absorbency rate.

But, don’t choose the hooded towel with all that traditional terry materials.  Also, check out the spinning style. The terry weave spinning style will be perfect to get a high absorbency rate in the hooded towel.                                                                                                              

Drying Rate

Not all hooded towel comes with a fast-drying feature. And, if the towel doesn’t dry fast, it will make the baby’s room smell bad. You can ensure the fast drying rate in two ways.

Either you can check out the product review while buying online or you can check out the fabric. If you see the reviews making sure it’s fast-drying rate, you can purchase the hooded towel for your baby.

Again, choose the fast-drying fabric to ensure the good skin condition of your baby. At this point, cotton fabrics will be the gentlest fabrics for a fast drying rate. I recommend you avoid black fabric if you look for quick dryness.


An attractive design always will attract your baby. so, towels with adorable hoods or cuddly hoods will be the nicest design for infants.

The towel weight is another significant concern before you buy it. It won’t be a good hooded towel unless the weight is light. However, you can choose the towel between 400 to 600 GSM. Here GSM is the measurement of towel weight which stands for Grams per Square Metre.

beautiful Hooded Towel

Anti-Bacterial Trait

Some of the modern hooded towels are available on the market nowadays with anti-bacterial features. It means, these towels can detect if there are any bacteria by changing the towel color. Pretty Incredible!

So, if you want to have some additional safety for your baby, you can check out whether your selected towel has anti-bacterial features. But, it will cost you a bit high than the regular hooded towels.


You can understand the necessity of softness while buying it for your newborn, right? So, make sure the hooded towel has a high-quality softness to bring your baby top comfort.


And the last one is to consider the durability of the towel. Some of the hooded towels come with poor-quality fabric that tears after days of use. Here again, you’ve to check out the fabric quality.

Are hooded towels necessary for babies?

Of course! Babies stay secure and comfy if you put them on a hooded towel. It is because the hooded towels are smaller and also good-shaped for babies.

How long do babies use hooded towels?

Using a hooded towel will be alright up to 3 years of your baby’s age. Still, if your baby finds it comfortable you can continue to use it for more years.

Why do babies need hooded towels?

The hooded towel can easily keep your baby’s head and body warm after their shower time. Also, hooded towels come with all the amazing features that are perfect for a newborn. 

But, these features won’t be available in the ordinary regular towel. So, there are no other best options than hooded towels for an infant.


Needless to say, what an unwavering joy appears in a family when a newborn comes. So, you start shopping for all the essential items like cloth wear, footwear, and other baby items to take care of your infant. 

If we talk about cloth wear, it becomes essential to use towels for the quick covering of your baby. And, of course, you should choose the hooded towels to get top benefits. But, you must know how many hooded towels does a baby need as a new parent.

However, I’ve shared plenty of essential factors that will help you recognize the types of towel whether or not it should be a hooded or regular towel.  Also, you learned the uses, benefits, and ways to choose the right hooded towel, right? So, All the Best to Your Newborn and You!

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