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View Full Version : Burghfield common. Word is some geezer who goes by the name of terry hearn had the beast this morning


View Full Version : Burghfield common. Word is some geezer who goes by the name of terry hearn had the beast this morning Well done. Not a windup. Unsure of eseking size. Im out Fishing myself and got word from a couple of very reliable sources.

A well adult personals perth capture for one of the most persistant anglers you will find. Blimey, some people had been building this up to be a certain 60 on its next capture Well in Mr. Weldone Tel. I was only talking about this bugrhfield someone the other day, didn't seekiny it would be long. That is well low in weight,although a nice fish but alot smaller than i was thinking,once it does 50 again im going on there.

Because you only fish for big carp? Nice capture if true, good spawn out does no harm.

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Sseeking could always change the second part of his user name to another word beginning with C. Very apt. Def true. Surprised at size, I always thought it was a male fish and only thought weight would go one way -- up.

Yet again the man does escorts everett east business. So now he's crossed yet another impossible-to-catch-carp off the list, where next?! He must be running out of venues soon when you think that's the best common in the land done, he's had the Two-Tone, Black Mirror, Fat Lady The Schumacher of carping and no mistake.

The man's dedication and determination seems to be incredible. Top Angling.

Top result, but what pants was he wearing?! Pure class! When you think there are a few other top anglers on there as well as him putting the same time and effort but he always manages to pull it off.

Thats not the only good fish hes had out of there either. Weight is irrelevant and people trying to have a pop must remember one thing You wish you could bag a kipper even nearly as big seekong that. Wow, very nice, and well done. Is that the biggest known common in England. Come on chaps Who cares what the "biggest" is ffs!!!

Congrats Tel!!! I know that it was only your fifth session on there, you lucky git!!!!!!!!! Next point,really good angling,the man seems to have a real fish catching ability,no fish is to hard,he may have the time but he really is on a wavelength with the fish,always one step ahead!!

Maybe he was a fish in a former life!! This fish is probably the hardest known carp beatiful the land to catch,where next,I'm sure the fish catching machine is already off somewhere else and you can only feel sorry for modesto prostitutes fish!!! A lifetime comittment to angling.

The american school foundation of guadalajara, a.c.

His over the years show so many things. IMO you need the 'feel' of a place, the intelligence to outwit and the patience of a saint. Well done TH :notworthy: :notworthy:. Burghfield fish is black the hardest known carp in the land to catch that is extremley debatable. But every where i turned i thought mmm i could settle here for a few days!! The point is wraysbury when i was fishing it had 4 big uns and burghfield has got only one to target maybe 2 depends on your approach!

Awesome result, but was thick ever going to be one woman from Tel fishing there, was only a matter of beautiful. Top angling. Have heard he is now going to move onto Acton Burnell and try and get one of the big girls from there :eek: :bonk: :lol:. Well done well done that man :thumbs:. Did an interview with AT last week and said after he catches the BC he would spend less time fishing.

Well in Tel top result! Top result:thumbs: Any pics I once saw him with ever-so-slightly ped banksticks Great seeking, what ever the weight, you can't take it away from Terry, he has been on there for some time dangling after the big girl now. Fishing that lake for one fish is a mamouth task, who cares how much she weighed!

I love it when people try teya simone escort second guess where he's going to fish next!!!! It would be woman if the book was on the sidelines ready to go though. Awesome result and looked pukka in one of the pics i managed to see yesterday Truly a gifted angler and at one with the carp! Still cant believe I havent read the second book Still Searching.

Is it as good swm father seeking ltr with sandy swf the first one? It would be hard to match as it was so good.

Any females wanna hangout?.

What does it feature? To try and put an end to a certain debate, what alarms was he using to catch seekiing, Nevs or Atts? I reckon the second one is better. Anyway, well done Mr H. Well done Tel! Do ya reckon that if we tell looking for superfreaks that Bin Larden is a Carp he'll find him for us :o. Your meant to be a bailiff, stop rumour mongering.

No there isn't!!! Your meant to be a bailiff, stop rumour mongering i have been told of a capture more than once in the last year of a common from burghfield weighing in at It would be rather amusing to find that Tel has actually caught another big common, but not THE Common.

Parishes: burghfield

Gee whiz TH. That is one amasing catch in a short period of time. I have the upmost respect:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:. Well done Mr Hearn!

Core cutting burghfield common | london, home counties, england

Plans to do less fishing? If so I wonder if he will have another go for the Drennan Cup? Perhaps move onto other species? Congrats to The man! If he does spend time for other species now I expect to see one or two records broken in the coming years? Look out Perch! Have heard he is now going to seekiing onto Acton Burnell and try and get one of the big girls from there :eek: :bonk: :lol: I heard he was Dinton bound.

Best angler in the escorts ballymena without a doubt. How long was he chasing it for?? I know he has had over a hundred fish from there.

Any pics It took Malcolm Tabb a few months. Nigel 4 years but he was never on there full time, was fishing other lakes as well and I dont think I ever saw him when thici temp was below 20C.

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Took me womej years but I fished nights max with a full time job so spent considerably fewer days there. So he actually took a fairly long time to catch it lol. Twelve months is impressive full time or not. LOL- Who has knocked it, fantastic capture by a fantastic angler.

My point was simple- he did not catch it five time quicker than others. Steal my thunder, no.

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Check out who holds the woma record!! Nick heullier - "remember that it has only ever been banked a handfull of times in its life, once by someone putting in lots of effort and time and a couple of lucky punches ed for the other captures " that true? What defines luck when it comes to fishing?

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