Best Shoes for Babies Starting to Walk – A Quick Review and Buying Guide

If your beloved toddler has just learned to walk and take steps to walks outdoors, the time has come to take some steps. It’s time he needs a new pair of shoes. So, buy him shoes to safeguard his little feet. Here, we will discuss the best first step shoes for a toddler. 

The best shoes for babies starting to walk

Since babies are in the very early stage of their development and they keep growing, they don’t have a clear understanding of what is comfortable. They are not aware of the odor, the size, the structure, or the comfort of the shoe. They might feel uncomfortable and irritated with the footwear that is used by them. According to their age, they make their needs in terms of footwear.
Inner child: 
As they are toddlers, they might have the desire to walk. They will also enjoy walking. But, they might not be able to walk that much.

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What you should Look for in Baby Walking Shoes – Buying Guide

The products for toddlers are always sensitive. This is why you have to be careful about it. Before buying him a pair of shoes, you should check out some essential factors. Here we go – 

  • Fitting

Try to buy from a brand that has gained widespread fame for its manufacturing toddler shoes. Those brands always try to make the best-fitted shoes for babies. If the infant managed to put their feet into the shoe, check the fit by placing your finger at the endpoint of the shoe.

best shoes for babies starting to walk
Blue and pink baby booties on white background

There should be a little room in the end that helps them to grow. Moreover, the shoe shouldn’t be grazing against your child’s ankle. It could be harmful. Besides, their heels during walking or running should be safe. 

The perfectly fitted shoes are the most important factor for your child. 

  • Flexibility

During the formative years of a child, flexible shoes help them to grow arch development. Flexible components assist your child to learn to walk freely. 

  • Lightweight

The shoes should be lightweight by nature. If the shoes are heavier, it will block the proper development of a child. Hence, lightweight shoes allow natural movement and growth. So, check out this factor before buying the shoes for your child. 

  • Color and design

Almost all the baby shoes look so cute and sweet, so coloring isn’t a problem. The manufacturing companies manufacture shoes in a superb way for the kids. On the other side, when it comes to style, think thoroughly about what type of shoes match your baby. 

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam supplies the necessary comfort to your child. This lightweight component steadily cushions the foot. As a result, your toddler can enjoy natural movement without losing coordination. 

  • Construction

The overall construction also makes a bigger impact on good quality first-step shoes. Check out whether the design and fabrication use high-quality ledges to produce shoes. Further, the construction makes a bigger impact on the shoe and movement of a baby while wearing the shoes. 

  • Materials

It is a very good thing if you allow your toddler to walk barefoot in the first stage. But, not all the time. Because you will have to think about the toddler’s safety. Not all places are safe enough to walk in barefoot. Therefore, shoes are needed. 

The shoes must be made with high-class components. Hence, the shoes must be composed of breathable material. But, this will be best if you stay away from stiff materials especially on the upper side. Go for something flexible and sloppy. 

  • Support and Stability

When your baby starts to crawl, give him something supportable and stable. It would be a better idea to provide a wide firm base instead of thin-bottom baby shoes. 

  • Price

Your toddler is just on the stage of growing up. SO, the shoes he’s wearing now will be outgrown soon. As a result, there’s no need to purchase an expensive pair of shoes for him. Spending a load of cash for a pair of shoes is nothing but a wrong decision.

Instead, take a smart approach. Buy high-quality shoes that meet the above criteria. You can purchase superior shoes even without breaking the bank. 


What makes first walking shoes such splendid?

Walking shoes are highly appreciable because this is like a milestone for your child. A child generally crawls for very little time. One day, your child will grab your hands to keep up the balance in walking. This is such a major step.

The reason is this step provides the child with a good balance and stability. These 2 steps are crucial in the whole life of a child. So, as you see, first walking shoes are such a splendid matter for a toddler. 

When does my baby need shoes?

Your baby needs shoes when he begins to walk outdoors. If the infant is still crawling or learning to stand up, don’t put shoes on his feet. Hold off for a time being. When he learns to walk outside by himself, buy him a pair of beautiful shoes. 

What is sound foot health for a baby?

Although baby feet are small in size, they’re enough strong. To keep up the sturdiness, best-fitting baby shoes are a must. Best fitting shoes can assist to promote healthy feet as well as safeguard those tiny feet from fatal injuries. 

It’s good to protect their feet from earlier stages. When they reach a certain age, it will beneficial for them. 

For a human being, there are so many first in their life. First school day, first love, first date, etc. Everything has its own importance. The first shoe is no different. So, find comfortable, flexible, stable shoes for your baby. Don’t underestimate it.

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