Best Bottles for Babies That Spit Up – Top Reviews In 2022 and Guidelines

Mothers are always so caring for their babies. When they see their babies are splitting up the milk, they feel hurt. Fortunately, there are some bottles manufactured to prevent spit-up. 

Lists of best bottles for babies that spit up

Feeding an infant can get quite challenging for a new mother. You have to work very hard to see that your baby is well-fed. Feeding your baby can either be a very pleasant or an unpleasant experience. If your baby is a frequent spitter you may find it quite difficult to feed her.
The best way to deal with this challenge is to hold your baby upright and gently rub the front of her lower chest. You can also use a bottle with a unique nipple design to alleviate the problem.

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Top Considerations For Choosing the Best Bottles For Babies to Prevent Spit Up

Before selecting the best bottle for your baby to spit up, you have to take some critical considerations. Let’s take a look – 

Bottle Ingredients

When looking for a bottle, you’ll generally get four types of bottles. They are – glass, plastic, silicon, and steel. However, parents like to choose plastic and silicon bottles most of the time. The reason is steel and glass are pretty dangerous due to their heavyweight. 

Most manufacturing companies are producing bottles with plastic elements. Nevertheless, plastic brings some problems. They are made from BPA – Bisphenol-A. This material is hazardous for human beings. Hence, they are one of the biggest reasons for cancer. 

best bottles for babies that spit up
Cute baby boy sitting on floor and reaching out to a huge bottle of milk. Cartoon vector illustration

There are also various harmful components like BPS, PVC, and lead. These toxic chemicals can do vital damage to the body. So, you have to ensure that the bottle is chemical-free. Otherwise, skipping will be the best decision. 

Besides, some bottles are manufactured to clear up specific health problems. On the other side, some can solve all the problems. 

Now, you have to determine what type of problems your child is suffering and select the bottle according to it. If they suffer from reflux, choose a bottle to avoid your child spitting up. 

On the other hand, if the child is suffering from colic and gas, pick a bottle that contains vents that can successfully resist the gas to come into the bottle. 


Additionally, considering the size of the bottle is a good thing. Bottles that are small in size are easy to carry and handle. It’s better to choose a bottle that contains a small amount of liquid if your child is a newborn.

Bottle Nipple

Different bottles carry a variety of sizes of nipples. According to the age of your child, select the correct nipple flow. 

During 3 months of the child – pick a slow flow to reduce gasping

During 3-12 months of the child – select a medium flow nipple

During 12-18 months of the child – select a fast flow

You should research different directions from any brand to get more vital information. Remember that selecting a correct nipple is so much important. It can successfully protect from various awkward situations. 

For instance, during breastfeeding or formula-based milk feeding, the bones and tissues in the mouth get shaped. This is how a toddler’s future speaking capability grows slowly. But, if you pick the wrong one, this process can be significantly curbed. 

Furthermore, when you feed your child, you will surely want him/her to get the food smoothly. The right nipple can help in this. 

In addition, the nipple should contain a proper and sophisticated ventilation system. This is how you can resist gulping air during the feeding procedure. Without an appropriate ventilation system, there’s a big possibility your baby will spit up the milk. 


It’s easy to surmise that if the bottle is leaked, it won’t work at all. So, the bottle must be leak-free. Check out the whole bottle thoroughly before paying the money. 

Vent System

It is essential to seek a bottle that has a proper vent system. Moreover, the nipple also should contain this facility. If the bottle or nipple is not vented correctly, there’s a massive chance that the air bubbles will mix up the feed. As a result, the chance of spit-up of the toddler gets increased. 

So, ensure about this factor before purchasing the product. 


Why do babies spit up?

Firstly, what is spit up? Well, when a baby throws up the food with an awkward sound, it is called spit up. It’s not entirely vomiting. But, it still brings out food content from a toddler’s mouth. 

When you uncover the breast milk or formula milk to air, gas bubbles that are shaped enter the mouth of the toddler. Hence, the high amount of air bubbling in the mouth is the reason behind spit-up.

How can bottles prevent spit-up?

We’ve already been told that the spit-up process happens due to the air bubbling in the mouth of the baby. However, you can resist it by using a bottle. The bottle that contains the inner vent can successfully prevent spit-up. 

Additionally, the inner vent pattern can prevent the combination of air with breast milk or formula to prevent foams from forming. This is how a bottle can prevent spit-up. 

How to protect bottles from leaking? 

To avoid leaking, you should follow the steps below – 

  • Go to a nipple with quicker flow
  • Don’t put the bottle in a heated place
  • Stay cautious about low-quality products

How to prevent spit-up of your baby?

To prevent spit-up, you can follow some necessary steps like – 

Not letting your child play after play, don’t overfeed him/her with much food, feed your toddler in the correct position, and add some oatmeal to the food. This is how you can prevent spit-up of your baby. 


Baby bottles must possess the features of preventing babies from spit-up. The right bottle can help you get out of your baby’s gassy situation.

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