Baby Too Big for Bassinet But Not Ready for Crib – Transition to suitable sleep routine

The transition from the newborn phase to the infant stage is one of the milestones. With constant care, the months with growth spurts become a bit confusing.

One night I felt my baby was too big for a bassinet but not ready for the crib. I could sense that a crib will be too much to think about. Especially, I was not ready for the transition to crib thing. And in my mind, I was not aware of placing the crib in my bedroom instead of the nursery.  Because there is no way I would put my baby in a separate room! But the bassinet is just not enough. I rushed to the online shopping windows.  I did a little research and just intuitively brought a snoo and it came out as one of the game changers!

For the new parents, if you are wondering what is the difference between a baby bassinet and a crib? I will describe these topics so that you can decide on the best baby bed for your little one. I will also introduce some other baby sleep products for your bigger-than-average babies. You can choose the most convenient one!

baby in Bassinet

How does a bassinet work

A bassinet is a little bed for newborns. It is like a basket-shaped baby bed with walls for newborns. Bassinets are usually kept in the parent’s bedroom. You can reach the baby at any hour of the night. This lightweight minimal bed is foldable. You can carry and replace the bassinet wherever you are working. Some new bassinets also have the baby rocker feature to soothe the baby.

When is a baby too big for a bassinet?

A bassinet is basically for 0-4-month-old babies. To some extent, it could be 6 months.  However, the baby’s weight is also a big factor to determine whether your baby needs larger space. Basically, bassinets can hold between 10 to 20-pound babies. I think it is safe for thinking of transitioning your baby to a bigger place as they reach 15 pounds. Sometimes a baby with good growth, bless them, you need to think of leaving the bassinet earlier. There will be more space needed for tummy time or baby crawling.

baby bassinet

How does a crib work

A crib is a bigger version of a baby’s nighttime bed. It comes with safety rails and parents prepare for the transition to the crib with the baby’s growth. There is no fear of the baby’s movement. The crib has more space for the parents to join to lull your baby to sleep. There are convertible cribs which are a good option for saving money. With a convertible crib, it will serve as a big kid bed. So you do not need to buy another bed when they become toddlers to a big boy. But it is not very economical if you have to care for the money.

However, be mindful of using crib bumpers. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not suggest using crib bumpers. Crib bumpers are dangerous for babies and can cause suffocation and SIDS(the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby) or Cot death.

How to know when baby is too big for crib

Sometimes a baby outgrows the bassinet before 6 months. In my case, I experienced it since my baby outgrew the bassinet at 3 months.  But when it is about a crib, it is intense. Because nobody wants to see their toddler hurting themselves climbing the crib. Also, you will see your baby is not comfortable inside the crib anymore.

Here are some signs to determine if it is the transition time from crib to bed:

  • When your baby is 35 inches tall
  • They can put their legs over the top parts of the rail
  • You have to consider replacing the crib even before they learn to climb the rail
  • The top rail is lower than the baby’s height standing on the firm mattress

What to do when the baby is too big for the bassinet but not ready for the crib?

When your baby has outgrown the bassinet but you do not think it is time for the crib yet, I recommend a pack and play. And if you are looking for something wonderful, go for a snoo!

Use a pack-and-play for a baby big for a bassinet but not ready for a crib

If you have not thought of including pack and play in your baby’s sleep routine, do it now! Pack-and-play is also known as a playpen or playard for a safe play place for newborns. A playpen can accommodate a baby till they turn 3 to 4. You can use it as an alternative to a mini crib. It is portable and at the same time protected with guardrails. Pack and play are mostly used while traveling with your newborns. But many moms found it useful while having this ‘not fit for bassinet or crib’ phase.

However,  some moms might get worried that a play pan is too hard for the baby. I think it is right. It could be a bit hard for the baby but there is a way. Put layers of blankets to make the bed soft and warm for the baby and it is totally fine. You can tuck the pile of blankets securely to make sure nothing messes up. Use a crib sheet on the top layer to tuck everything. Be always very careful about their comfort, and check the air supply. If your baby is comfortable then you are good!

big for baby bassinet

Use a Snoo for a baby big for a bassinet but not ready for a crib

Snoo is a one-of-a-kind baby product for newborns. It is designed for babies up to 6 months old. The weight limit is 25 pounds or less. So it is a perfect choice for a baby weighing more than 15 or 20 pounds. I love it because it is an invention of a pediatrician’s thoughtful effort. It helps to keep your baby secured and comfortable. Moreover, it takes some burden away from you. You can manage some moments to catch a breath or spend some intimate time with your partner.

Snoo will lull your baby to sleep with lovely white noise and swings. As your baby cries the magic baby bouncer will increase the motion and sound to calm the baby down.

These are the few steps to put your baby into the snoo.

  • swaddle with the sleep sack
  • place the baby safely
  • offer a pacifier;
  • turn on the purple or blue button with the snoo app for lower motion

Is it okay for a 1-month-old to sleep in their own room?

To reduce the threat of infant death syndrome of your baby in sleep, do not consider moving your newborn to their own room. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the parents’ bedroom is the most secure place for the baby to sleep.
It is better to put your baby in a bassinet or crib. But make sure to keep the little one’s bed near you be it in the nighttime or during an excellent nap time.

Wrap up

If you are still wondering what to choose leaving the bassinet as your baby too big for bassinet but not ready for crib, relax! If you are still confused and not satisfied with any of the options, relax! Trust yourself, and just bring the crib to your bedroom. Make your baby comfortable in the crib. Liked that idea, I bet you did! And so will your precious one!

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