3 Best video baby monitor no wifi

Wifi baby monitors have so many advantages. But, the problem is that those monitors can be hacked. This is why many monitor manufacturers are manufacturing non-wifi baby video monitors. 

These days, most baby monitors are wifi enabled which is great for those looking to keep an eye on their baby from a distance. However, these wifi-enabled monitors can be costly and require a decent wifi connection in order to function. If you’re looking for a non-wifi baby video monitor, then you might want to take a look at this article.

Lists of best video baby monitor no wifi

ImageProductDetails  Price
41NOW5OYcrL._SX425_Nannio Hero2 Video Baby MonitorBrand: Nannio
Note: Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, 7HRs in video mode, 10HRs in VOX mode..
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71RXTf9KrnL._AC_SL1500_Moonybaby No WiFi Baby MonitorBrand: Moonybaby
Note:  Cameras, 12hr Long Battery Life, 1000ft Long Range, 4.3″ Display
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51PsDCzdjxL._SL1200_Aryelent Baby Monitor Non-WiFi Brand: Aryelent
Note: 950mAh, can lasts uo to 8 hours in eco mode
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Best baby monitor without wifi – Buying Guide 

Choosing a baby monitor without wifi facility requires patience. You have to be careful about that. Before making the final decision, take some crucial factors into your consideration. 

  • Battery Life

Baby monitors should supply a continuous view of videos to your baby. There should be no interruption. So, checking the battery is necessary. You should check the battery storage capacity is measured in mAH. In such a case, we recommend you select a battery of around 2000 mAH.

The battery should be given service 8 or 10 hours at a stretch. Moreover, pick a baby monitor that can give advanced low battery alerts. 

best video baby monitor no wifi
  • Transmission Technology

Different transmission technology can transmit a signal from a transmitter to a receiver unit. The connection between these gadgets must be secured. Otherwise, the chance of hacking can be raised. 

  • Security

It would be best to purchase a monitor with Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transmission. This is how the monitor will be safe and secured from hackers.

  • Video and sound quality

The video quality should be high-quality and provide crystal clear images. Hence, this is the best way to give your child good entertainment. The baby monitor should have the capability to destroy the silly white noise.  For this reason, you can select large baby monitors with LCDs.

They will cost more money but the service will be superb in a word. 

  • Two-way Functionality

The two-way audio function can deliver the luxury of communicating with your child. 

  • Light Activation

A baby monitor that contains light activation on sound can light up the parents’ monitor at any time. It could indicate that the child is awake. Besides, it is useful when the sound is off or at a low point. 

  • Reliability

If you want to track your baby’s movement, take snapshots, look at their sleeping styles of them, you need a reliable monitor. There’s no other way than that. Hence, you can easily do all these tasks with a highly advanced monitor. 

  • Expandability

Several monitors in the market can be expanded with extra cameras and parent units. These monitors can deliver additional security and monitoring system. Further, they provide simplicity in setting up the whole system. 

  • Night vision

Night vision is one of the most highly efficient baby monitor features. Parents could see their child from a dark room through this feature. It also ensures the safety of a child. 

  • Range

Check out the range of the baby monitor. Ensure whether it is perfect for your home or not. You can even check in on your baby, even if you are on the other side of your home. 

  • Specialized Features

If you’re a big fan of high-tech features, you will surely be impressed by certain brands. The reason is they offer various eye-catching functions which are really so fascinating. Some of these attributes are – record footage, night lights, music players, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, air sensors, etc. 

Before purchasing the product, note down which features do you need. Then, search for those and buy the choosing one. 

  • Zoom

Wanna get a close shot of the sweet, cute-little face of your child? Monitors with zoom feature will help you to do this. 

  • Price

There is a variety of cheaper products available. However, you won’t get good service adequate features in those monitors. For instance, they won’t come with the zoom feature, night vision or remote camera movement. 

Besides, the latest series of baby monitors without Wi-Fi costs a lot of money. But, they will give high-quality functions. So, price is a more well-known fact and you should act according to your budget. 


What are actually non-wifi baby monitors?

Non-wifi baby monitors are monitors that can run without an internet system. They are kinda analog-type monitors. Due to the high-level communication techs like FHSS and DECT, there’s no need for these video baby monitors Wifi to transmit signals from the camera to the parent unit.

Are these non-wifi monitors hackable?

It is basically not impossible, but it is undoubtedly a challenging job to hack a non-wifi baby monitor. The reason is these monitors use DECT and FHSS spread spectrum technologies. Additionally, these techs are almost impossible to hack. 

Are non-wifi monitors safe to use?

It’s no wonder that parents always have a concern over the safety and security of their children. The same thing applies to non-wifi baby monitor systems. Generally, non-wifi systems supply a secure connection to track your baby’s situation. 

A secure connection can be organized when the parent and baby unit synchronizes. There’s basically zero chance other people can hack into the system. So, yes, non wi-fi monitors are pretty safe to use. 


A baby monitor is definitely not an essential thing. Nevertheless, it can decrease parenting tasks. Yes, they can’t replace the original parenting jobs. But, they can still make things a bit easy.

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